Taking simple precautions will help keep your bike safe.

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If your bike is expensive, consider registering it so that in the event it is lost or stolen, the police can trace your bike back to you if they find it. To register your bike you’ll need to know the frame number, which is usually located near the handlebars, below the seat post, by the pedals or towards the back wheel.


Consider insuring your bike or, if allowed, add it to your home insurance policy. Please check with your insurer, if it is possible to extend your policy to include your bike when it is not at home. Alternatively, it can be insured separately to provide cover when you’re out and about. Remember, take a photo of the bike and write down the frame number.


There are three simple ways of mitigating the risk of theft:

A good lock

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A good lock

A lock is most effective by choosing the right location in which to place it. Some locks are stronger than others, and price influences their quality, so it pays to invest in a good one.

Remember that two locks are better than one. "D-locks" are sturdy, but consider using a cable lock as well to secure any parts of the bike which are quick release, such as the saddle or wheels. Secure the lock round the frame, spokes and bike stand, ensuring there is little room for manoeuvre, making it difficult for thieves to insert their tools.

A good location

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A good location

Where you leave your bike is critical. If possible, position it where it can be easily seen and any potential thieves are conspicuous. Where feasible, lock it to something immovable.

Keep your accessories safe

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Keep your accessories safe

It’s not just your bike that can get stolen. Many parts and accessories are also valuable and easy to steal. Follow these tips to keep them safe:

  • Always remove lights and panniers
  • Replace quick releases with regular bolts to make them more secure
  • If you have an expensive saddle, consider removing it or locking it up
  • Lock both wheels and the frame

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