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The National Byway® in Cycling Weekly ‘20 things to do in 2015’

Cycling Weekly’s Chris Sidwells has comes up with 20 things you might want to do in your 2015 cycling year, and The National Byway®, wades in at number 19!

We quote from the article:

19. Ride the National Byway

The National Byway is a 3,300-mile signposted route through Britain. It was mapped out and every inch of it ridden by the super-experienced cyclist, Mike Breckon. Breckon is old school, I’m sure he won’t mind me saying that. He started cycling in 1950s Yorkshire, exploring the roads less travelled of his native Dales. He was a good racer, a British Best All-Rounder team champion, but it’s his club run roots and an uncanny knack for finding lovely quiet roads is the DNA of the National Byway.

To even be considered Breckon’s roads had to have a maximum two percent of the national average traffic flow. The rest is down to his eye for landscape, his knowledge of maps, and his innate feel for what makes a perfect cycling road. The National Byway is a national cycling treasure. Visit the website and start exploring it in 2015.

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