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The National Byway Trust is a registered charity. David Griffiths is Chair of the Trustees who include Richard Dilworth and Victor Emery. Alan Rushton is responsible for operations, marketing and sponsorship. The Trust aims to contribute to the quality of British life by integrating the health, social, economic and environmental benefits to be derived through cycling.

About the Trust

Patron of the Trust is Viscount Linley and Lord Foster of Thamesbank OM is the Honorary President. Members include Olympic gold medallist Chris Boardman, mountaineer Sir Chris Bonnington, explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, philanthropist Lisbet Rausing and Ambassador Kinsman, formerly Canada’s High Commissioner in the UK.

The Trust played a major role in development of the Government’s National Cycle Strategy for England and has links with cycling-related organisations in Wales and Scotland. We have provided input into the government’s National Cycle Plan and also work with Sustrans, which is developing the National Cycle Network. The two projects are complementary and routes tend to be shared for about 10% of the Byway’s total length. In passing places of interest about every 5 miles or so, The National Byway® is essentially a leisure route and provides a reason to ride on a regular basis.

Safety is also an important aspect of the Byway’s development, all of which has been carefully researched, ridden and checked to strict route criteria including safety and traffic levels. With the entire route now designed and sign-audited, the work remaining consists of erection of final signage and publishing of the remaining regional route maps.

The National Byway® name and its logo are trade marks of The National Byway Trust and may not be used in any commercial manner without the written permission of the Trust.

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