Route Signs

The National Byways® routes are well signposted throughout. All signs show The National Byways® logo and the National Highways bicycle symbol. Byway only signs have a brown ground, whilst shared routes have the conventional blue ground. Look out for the signs that indicate a Loop.

The National Byway® route signs image

Route Signs

Below are examples of the types of sign you will encounter travelling along The National Byway® routes and loops.

Directional and confirmation signs mark the route:

The National Byway directional sign

Loop Directional signs mark the way when it varies from the main route.

The National Byway Loop directional sign

Where The National Byway® route is shared with the National Cycle Network, joint signs are used.

The National Byway shared route sign

PLEASE NOTE: In the event that there is no sign at a junction, the route goes straight on.

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